Portable Audio Recording Devices
These are handy portable devices which record digital audio. After recording, all of them will connect to your computer via a USB cable where you can transfer the files. These files can then be edited with an editing program like Audacity or Garageband and uploaded to your podcast. You can also burn the files to an audio CD.

You can compare the features to see which ones you might like. Here are some features/options to consider.

  • Mics: Does it have a built in microphones, or do you have to attach a mic(s) to them?
  • Mics: Does it have phantom power? (to power external professional condenser microphones)
  • Mics: Does it allow you to record with multiple patterns (90º, 120º, adjustable angles?)
  • Media: Does it record to CompactFlash, Secure Digital, or built-in media? Or does it record to a hard drive?
  • Form factor: How big is the unit? Handheld?
  • Input: Does it have a digital input or only analog? Do you need digital?
  • Batteries: Rechargable or disposable? Internal (not easily replaceable)?
  • Batteries: How long do they last, on average?
  • Recording format: Does it record compressed (mp3) and uncompressed (wav) formats?
  • Audio Interface: Can it double as a USB microphone for recording directly to your computer?

Compare Small Digital Recorders
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They are listed by price, from lowest to highest.

These products are being developed quickly and new models are always being introduced. In addition, they keep coming down in price!! They are great way to capture voices or instruments in a portable unit, without worrying about a computer.

My weapon of choice..

Zoom H2!! I love the feature to price ratio! I have had great results with it so far. I have used it to record close voice conversations and many podcasts.