My on-site audio recording service includes a high quality stereo recording on CD. This is a live, unedited CD that you would receive at the completion of the concert.Rates:
1 hour concert – $125
1 1/2 hour concert – $150
2 hour concert – $175Please remember that this rate includes all travel costs, materials, and set up and tear down time at your location.The master recordings produced by LauxAudio are intended for the non-commercial, educational, personal use by the student musicians, clinicians, teachers, etc. for the purposes of educational evaluation of their performances. These recordings are not intended for commercial distribution or sale, and are NOT available to the general public. If you would like to duplicate your CD, please see “CD Duplication” below.Editing/Mastering
If you would like the CD edited, I charge an additional $50/hour. This process requires me to transfer the audio into my computer, edit and master the audio, and burn the master CD. Most concerts take about an hour to an hour and a half to edit/master.This fee includes:1. each song cued to the start
2. applause faded at ending of each song
3. hiss/noise removal (very necessary with noisy air conditioning units!)
4. optimize the volume levels for the CD (normalize)
5. add equilization if necessary
6. add ambience if necessary (dry halls)
7. a custom CD label with group name, director, date of eventCD DuplicationCopies of CD’s are usually $10.00 to $15.00 each (depending on the number of songs and licensing issues) which include a custom label and slim CD jacket.

Please read the FAQ’s page for information regarding CD duplication.


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